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Fall 2017

Project Description

In the class "Human Computer Interaction" at Northwestern University, we were given the task to design a website in three months on on the topic of crisis management. My team focused on the management of emotional crises such as depression and anxiety.

Our Solution

Mynd is an online diary for emotion tracking designed as a mobile web application that lets you track your emotions in a fun and efficient way.

Why it's important

Mynd lets you achieve greater emotional independence and a better understanding of yourself to reduce stress, depression and anxiety in your life. For example, you can look back at your month to recollect the things that make you happy or sad, and use this feedback to make small changes in your life that increase your well-being.

What I did

I led UI design and front-end development using HTML, CSS and Javascript. We were a team of four.


(Try it!)

Click here to open prototype in new tab →


We used rapid sketching and prototyping to incorporate user feedback at each stage of the design process. In the video below, you can see us testing our paper prototypes with a college student.


The design uses shades of blue. The darker blue builds trust while the lighter blue is calming.




I chose the typeface Roboto because it's readable, friendly and simple.

Describe Your Day

The home page is a fun and intuitive interface to describe your emotions each day. Add media such as photos and videos to highlight significant events in the day.


Move the slider from left to right to indicate how fulfilling your day was, watching the color change from dark to light blue.


Personalize your experience by watching your bitmoji change expressions as you move the slider.


Pen your thoughts in the diary as it rolls down like a scroll. Experience the authenticity of the handwritten typography and lined-paper background.

Track your emotional journey

The "This Week" page gives you an overview of your previous entries to let you analyze trends in your emotions. Easily navigate the calendar-like interface to see how you've been doing and learn from the trends.


Scroll through to see how fulfilling each day was based on how much of the blue bar is filled and how happy the bitmoji looks.


Click on any day to see the complete diary entry along with the photos and videos you added.