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Intuit + Northwestern

Winter 2018

Project Description

I spent 3 months in San Francisco doing the Bay Area Immersion Program, hosted by Northwestern University. One of my classes was “Service Design Studio”, in which we collaborated with Intuit's Design Team to create new financial service offerings.

the real problem

Young professionals with health savings accounts (HSA) do not understand how to utilize their HSA for their financial advantage, because of which they face unexpected healthcare costs and underutilize HSAs as a tax-deductible investment option.

our solution

We designed a framework to manage HSAs (healthcare savings account) within Mint, Intuit’s personal financial management tool. Our solution makes the process of saving, spending and investing using HSAs easier for Mint users.

what i did

I worked in a team of four to lead market research and user research, and create visual designs for process deliverables. I was very fortunate to be in a team talented in visual design and product strategy, from whom I learned and grew a lot.

concept video

case study coming soon. until then, here are our final deliverables.